US raw material slows down in the first 4 months of 2018, as exports of salted hides and wet blue decline in terms of incomes

2018 kick-off was not a good one for US exporters of leather tanning raw material. In fact, in the first two months, from January to February, overall revenues coming from salted hides international sales dropped by 18%, therefore reaching 412,5 million dollars. On the other hand, though it is not a real consolation, trend of volumes was positive: they exported over 8 million hides and skins, therefore enjoying a boost, in terms of volumes, by 4%. Things are going even worse for wet blue. Looking at data provided by USHSLA (the United States Hide, Skin and Leather Association), and published by leatherBiz, in the first 4 months of the year they exported 1,5 million hides and skins, while earnings amounted to 157,2 million dollars; that is, -26% and -21% respectively, on annual basis.


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