Quality and productivity: Bergi raises the bar with Attiva 3200

Quality and productivity: Bergi raises the bar with Attiva 3200

Attiva 3200 is not only the latest generation of belt buffing machine for whole hides. It is also an example of how Bergi, which produces it, raises the bar terms of concrete and continuous improvement of the quality and productivity of its technological proposal applied to the tanning process.

 Bergi raises the bar with Attiva 3200

Given the excellent results, in terms of finished product quality, obtained with the size 1800, the Bergi team decided to produce the size 3200 to complete the belt buffing machines range. As with the size 1800, this machine has a wide opening of both the upper protection guard and the leather introduction system; these two features facilitate machine maintenance and cleaning operations, making them safer and faster.

 Quality and productivity

Very encouraging are the productivity and quality data recorded and collected by user customers, who, once they have found the right ‘recipe’ for their processing, confirm improvements in at least one of the two points. For example, some data show that with the same type of leather processed, the Attiva 3200 model allows the same final result to be obtained with just one process instead of the two made with a traditional model. Other data collected confirm the greater durability of the buffing paper with which a much greater number of hides can be processed than with a traditional model, in some cases even more than double the number of hides.

 Absence of vibrations

Another strong point, which is fundamental for a top-quality finished product, is the complete absence of vibrations when working. Attiva 3200 has also been used to process nubuck articles, obtaining excellent results as confirmation of its high-quality construction. Attiva 3200 is strongly recommended for articles that are more sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, as having the possibility of working at lower revs, compared to a traditional roller model, a more stable temperature is maintained in the working area, thanks also to the paper that dissipates more heat.

 Greater cleaning

When analysing the belt working mode, it can be seen that, compared to the conventional buffing roller, the belt, due to its larger surface area, removes more material and discharges dust better, thus keeping it cleaner. Another advantage is that with the belt, the use of glue and base paper is no longer necessary, thus generating less waste over time.

 A “hidden” feature

A “hidden” feature of the Attiva 3200 is the patented automatic paper change release system. This optional accessory provides for the automatic release of the “cantilever” by means of a hydraulic system, thus eliminating the use of the compressed air gun. This accessory further facilitates paper change operations. It reduces the possibility of paper snagging during insertion as the mechanical elements used in manual paper changing are removed.

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