GER Elettronica set management revolution

il nuovo management di GER Elettronica

GER Elettronica have completed their own major transformation. In fact, Bruno Burato and Renato Visonà, historic business partners, decided to set a new management layout in their company. After appointing (nearly one year ago) Cesare Dal Monte as new general manager, they delegated the company’s operational and strategic control. In the meantime, they have become shareholders. A step aside and, at the same time, a step forward, which implies a landmark change for the company, headquartered in the province of Vicenza. They created it in a garage: in just 40 years, they have become a leading player in the manufacturing of electronic device for the leather tanning industry.

Time to change

As we said, GER started their revolution one year ago when Dal Monte took over: he was the first member of a fully renovated team, progressively assembled over the months. One of their tasks is to safeguard the company from potentially difficult situations, which may often occur during generation transitions. Burato, in particular, planned such move: at present, he is still into the company while handling a few technical issues. Today GER are striving hard to pursue an innovation boost, which they have been traditionally up to, in a global scenario that looks ahead to new challenges and models: namely, artificial intelligence, process computerisation and automation. New chief manager Dal Monte and his team dealt with such challenges throughout 2018: thanks to their own dedication, they successfully achieved a record-breaking performance, in the history of the company based in Montecchio Maggiore, in terms of revenues and profits.

Time goes by, yet passion remains

Burato and Visonà, 70-year-old entrepreneurs, have therefore renovated their commitment, which has been going on for over 40 years. Considering their age, they made a brave choice indeed, as it would have been easier to reap the benefits of their work rather than putting new efforts into it: not to mention that GER Elettronica had already drawn the attention of a few investment funds. Yet, their team-building attitude has always driven GER’s choices: Burato and Visonà have reaffirmed it once again, to guarantee safe expectations for all people who work in their company as if it were a family.


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