INESCOP to revolutionise footwear through smart integration

INESCOP prova a rivoluzionare la scarpa con la smart integration

INESCOP are striving to revolutionise the footwear production model. In fact, at Elda Technology Centre (in the province of Alicante) they have just inaugurated a digital experience and smart integration system that applies to shoe manufacturing process. The plant consists of a sort of central supercomputer, which coordinates several hardware and software technologies employed in the industry. Yet, during the current emergency, INESCOP will not serve industrial production only, announced in Spain. In fact, the Centre made a public statement: they are going to produce surgical masks as well.

A digital experience system

INESCOP have successfully developed a new digital experience system after receiving a financial support, 400,000 euros, from the Institut Valencià de Competitivitat Empresarial. In the plant, which is one single and integrated space, appropriate tools create a smart, connected and automated system. Which is also customisable and sustainable. In other words, it can be considerably useful to reduce timings, costs and raw material consumption.


According to analysis, carried out by INESCOP, such smart integration may enable companies to reduce physical samples by 30%. Furthermore, they might design and make soles just in a few hours, while providing data, in actual time, during the manufacturing process. In Spain, they consider the project to work as “a cutting-edge revolution in the footwear manufacturing industry”.

Producing surgical masks

Besides that, INESCOP have decided to work actively to support the struggle against Covid-19 outbreak. As reported by local press, they made their machinery available to produce surgical masks. Therefore, they will provisionally convert machinery, usually employed for leather cutting, into machines for the cutting of non-woven fabric; other companies will subsequently complete the manufacturing process. They will send masks to Elda Hospital.

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