New style means new process: the marketplace of footwear machinery will grow by 4.3% a year until 2025

Technology, the constant search for new styles and the need to reduce costs and production times for the creation of footwear will also be the stimuli for the footwear machinery industry. After the segment closed 2017 with a global revenue of 17 billion USD, it will continue to grow at a yearly rate of 4.3% until it reaches 23 billion before 2025. This is the forecast shown by the report edited by Allied Market Research, international market research company based in Portland, which has decided to analyze the balance sheets of the main businesses of the segment. We are facing “a rapid change of the fashion industry that pushed the creation of shoes with different styles and shapes – explains the report – and machinery is destined to simplify the manufacturing process while improving quality. This situation increases the demand for new machines, while the generally satisfactory economic conditions lead to a forecasted growth of consumption and, in return, growth for the whole footwear automation segment”. If the initial investments demand a large effort with regards to investment, the long-period analysis shows a overall positive outlook. Even more so for reference companies within the segment such as Atom, Brustia Alfameccanica and Comelz. Allied Market Research explains that, using geography-based analysis, the Asia-Pacific area is first, with significant growth in Taiwan, while Europe will grow at a faster-than-expected rate that is superior to the estimated 4.6%.


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