According to Chiuri and Toledano fashion shows will return, the web is a temporary remedy

According to Chiuri and Toledano fashion shows will return, the web is a temporary remedy

Maria Grazia Chiuri is the creative director of Dior. Ralph Toledano is (among other things) president of the French federation of Haute Couture et de la Mode. Parallel careers in luxury that, today, converge to one point: fashion shows will return. The two are watching carefully the digital turn that the Coronavirus pandemic has given to the fashion system. But are aware of one point: fashion remains tied to physical experience, the shows are not only in its past, but also in its future.

Fashion shows will come back

“For now, given the restrictions, there are no alternatives”. Chiuri doesn’t go around it. Speaking with the press, she recognises that, in the midst of the Covid mess, brands do not have many alternatives to digital shows: “But it will not be forever – she says -. You have to see fashion, touch it, live it, it’s an experience. You can’t do it all online. If I have to buy a dress, I don’t do it on the internet, I have to try it, discuss it with those who sell it to me”.

With regard to the ferments that affect the top of the range, from the interventions of Giorgio Armani to those of Alessandro Michele, she clarifies the position (devoted to autonomy) of Dior. “Each brand acts according to its needs and its history. For now, we follow the usual deadlines – she goes on -. Fashion is not unique. The important thing is to be cohesive to support the Italian and French system. Now the goal is to complete the couture collection by better organising the work of the ateliers. Then we will see how to present the clothes. We no longer have to think long term, but to think step by step”.

Toledano’s concreteness

“All fashion houses must focus on digital, in every aspect of their organisation”, says from the columns of WWD Ralph Toledano. And for fashion weeks? “Speaking of shows, digital is becoming an interesting complement and a possible alternative in truly exceptional moments, like this one – he replies -. It can be a resource for innovative ways of expressing creativity. This is what we are working on in Paris looking at the events in July. But nothing can replace the truly unique emotion of a real-life fashion show”.

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