Tannery 4.0. Dani digitises the manufacturing process with HTC, adopting the linkki system and winning a prize in California

Tanning Vicenza Group has taken on a digitisation system of the production process developed by High-Tech Consultant (HTC) of Vicenza called linkki. This process enables workers responsible for each machine or production line, to manage the manufacturing process by monitoring the progress of the same and optimising it in a quick and intuitive way thanks to the use of a tablet. This system, the MES series (Manufacturing Execution System), also warns of little downtimes that the worker could hardly perceive. To make the system effective immediately, however, Dani and HTC have wanted to reverse the process of adopting linkki. “Rather than install it and then explain its use to employees – says the president Enrico HTC Aramini – before putting in place a training process that involved an exchange of information in optimising the new system and later, by which time the workers were ready to exploit its potential, it is connected. ” Last September linkki project implemented in Dani has received Fireband Award during the Community Conference Ignition in Folsom, California, for “impressing the selection committee for its quality and its extension.”


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