Perù invests in the future of the leather chain: the 4th CITE is here

Il Perù investe sul futuro dell’area pelle: arriva il quarto CITE

Perù is investing the future of leather by developing an economic plan for the leather goods and footwear sectors. Lima’s government announced the construction of a ‘Centro de Innovación Productiva y Transferencia Tecnológica’ (CITE) in the Junín region.

3.6 million euro

The budget for the project is of about 3.6 million euro. CITEs are “institutes that promote innovation and the introduction of new technologies in various sectors. Their goal is to create a bridge between businesses, State and education institutes”. Every CITE is one of the knots of a web connected to the all’Instituto Tecnológico de la Producción. ITP is the government entity with “the goal of developing productivity, quality and profitability of businesses via the supply of research, development and innovation services”.

The new knot

Junín’s knot will be located in San Pedro de Saño, which is one of the 28 districts of the Huancayo province. Here, about 1,200 entrepreneurs, are directly or indirectly connected to the leather chain. This CITE will be built on 1,344 square meters covered surface, which will be divided in two blocks. It will include a customer service area, the administrative one and another specifically for footwear/leather goods. Next to these spaces there will be a division dedicated to the tanning process. Local sources explain that “this initiative will assist with the entrepreneurs’ learning, as they can count on a top-tier technological support. Huancayo’s CITE joins the ones located in Lima, Trujillo and Arequipa, all of which are dedicated to the leather industry”.

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