Tannery 4.0. Russo di Casandrino: one million euro in smart technologies for dyeing, tanning, fatliquoring

The tannery as an example of the “new industrial revolution”. Revolution, which, today, has a precise definition: Industry 4.0. This new trend was the object, on 27 and 28 February at the University of Naples Federico II, of a conference that hosted some Italian excellences that have made their trademark through innovation. Among these (told in a video report that you can see here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JilF3cHhFfo), also Russo Casandrino which has invested over one million Euros for technological innovation, allotting about 60% to projects 4.0, explains Alfredo Guerra, Quality Manager of the tannery. “We’ve implemented an automated system of chemicals management in the stage dyeing, tanning and fatliquoring, based on software that interacts with our data centre and allows us careful of optimisation,” said Guerra. “The results are the tangible reduction in time to process management and production, reduction of costs and consumption, further qualification and specialisation of the staff,” he continued. “Automating the line of drums of dyes and some finishing activities, such as sprays, allows us to have maximum control, intervening even remotely, during production, minimising waste and reducing the environmental impact,” he concluded.


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