At UITIC Arsutoria and FRDA sign a protocol agreement on training to provide US brands’ style and products with Italian know how

“In the United States footwear manufacturing has been progressively going down: volumes are quite low and, in addition to that, they have lost expertise with regard to style and process elements. Italy’s footwear industry model may therefore be very useful, and Arsutoria, which are already playing actively in our country, is going to be the right partner”. Yesterday, during the UITIC meeting, in Porto, Matt Priest (in the picture, on the left), CEO of FDRA, the American association of US retailers and distributors, signed a protocol agreement, on training courses in the States, with Matteo Pasca, chief executive officer of Arsutoria. The aim of the deal is to bridge the above-mentioned educational gap. The US association will be in charge of customs policies (with special regard to overseas outsourcing), whereas the Italian institute will provide their know how to apply to style and product engineering. Arsutoria have been already setting training courses in the States for 10 years or so, in cooperation with FFANY, a New York fair, and Two Ten foundation, among others.     


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