Brussels crowns UNIC/Lineapelle, as Pompeii’s restoration project wins award for cultural patronage

Our tale dates to 25th October, when we made public the participation of UNIC – Italian Tanneries and Lineapelle in the Corporate Art Awards, a project carried out with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, alongside LIUSS Business School, and the active support of Confindustria, Museimpresa, ALES and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On one occasion we asked you to cast your vote, online, for the refurbishment of an ancient tannery, which was discovered in Pompeii’s ruins, a valuable project promoted by the association of Italian tanners presided by Gianni Russo. Well, yesterday, in Brussels they awarded Pompeii’s restoration, among over 200 other projects submitted, as a model of cultural and artistic patronage and “cooperation between business and arts on an international scale”. The project, implemented by UNIC/Lineapelle, has been selected by a panel of experts composed by Eike Schmidt (Director of Uffizi Gallery), Bartolomeo Pietromarchi (Director of MAXXI Arte), Stefano Pizzi (Public Relations supervisor of Brera Academy of Fine Arts), Gabriel Zuchtriegel (Director of Paestum archeological Park), Gianluca Comin (member in the board of directors of Biennale Venezia), Luca Desiata (Corporate Art Professor at LUISS Business School), Carlo Capoccioni (Public Affairs and Cultural Relations supervisor at ABI), Luca Pirolo (Director of the Creative Business Center at LUISS Business School), Carolina Botti (Director of ALES), Renzo Iorio (president of the Culture and Development technical committee at Confindustria). The award, an important and meaningful acknowledgement, gives value to the restoration project and cultural commitment that have been going on. Its second operational stage, started a few months ago, is currently underway.


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