Cotance join Brussels conference on fashion digital expertise, while launching online a newsletter about European tanning

Il nuovo contratto integrativo di ACRIB

Detecting the digital profiles required by Europe’s fashion industry, pinpointing overall skills and expertise and fully understand demand for professional training. That applies to all the main players of the business industry, namely textile & apparel, footwear and leather tanning. Aiming at such goals, they launched the Digital Textile Clothing Leather Footwear Industries project, promoted and supported by the European Commission (in compliance with the Erasmus+ programme) and carried out by Cotance, the European Confederation of the Leather Industry, along with the similar footwear (CEC) and textile (Euratex) associations; IndustriAll trade union platform and Spin360, a consulting company, also joined the project. On February 8, in Brussels, they will deliver the project during the final conference: IVOC will present the research.

The newsletter
On top of training, they also worked on communication. In fact, last January Cotance launched their new newsletter, a monthly publication issued by the European association to tell about the leather industry, while addressing, at the same time, its most controversial issues. Visit the website  to read it through and sign up for the newsletter.


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