2016 US leather sector unstable – exports grew in volume, but fell in value. Tyson restructures managerial positions

The export turnover of cow and semi-finished pork leather in the US in 2016 was of 2 billion dollars. A sharp decrease from 2015 (-10%). The figure, however, only reflects the value. If analysed regarding volume, this number indicates a different trend. The export of raw leather in salt, which alone constitutes $ 1.4 billion, have sold 5% regarding turnover but gained 13% in quantity. Similarly, the wet-blue in the 12 months had had few sales abroad 19%, but they have increased by 12% in volume. China, which buys 59% of US output, is the first customer and also the first reason for the slowdown. According to USHLA, the National Association of leather, 2017 provides for a steady recovery. Meanwhile, USA’s big meat giant Tyson Foods has defined the new CEO, Tom Hayes’, team: Donnie King will be the president of North American Operations Division, Sally Grimes will be in charge of the North American Retail, and Andy Callahan will chair all North American Food Services. To be disclosed the Chief Sustainability Officer.


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