Brazil goes at uneven speed: in the first six months of 2018 slaughter goes up, but in the second quarter leather sales decline

In the first six months of the year 2018, Brazil’s slaughter has been increasing by 4,3% on annual basis, as 15,4 million cattle units, in total, have been killed. Despite a slowdown (-16%) in May, because of a strike called by shippers, such figure turns out to be higher thanks to simultaneously increasing exports and domestic consumption. According to data, provided by IBGE, the Brazilian Institute of Statistics, such positive trend hangs on “females”: in fact, cows and heifers have been remarkably driving the average number, on the whole, of livestock units taken to slaughterhouses, which went up by 8,1%. Looking at figures supplied by the institute, conversely in the second quarter of the year sales of hides and skins, purchased by Brazilian tanneries, have been decreasing by 4,1% on annual basis. As reported by local press, overall hides bought by tanneries amount to 8,2 million units.


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