Dami with Del Papa and Top Model: Nos, the funds’ minichain, is created

Dami with Del Papa and Top Model: Nos, the funds’ minichain, is created

Dami, Del Papa and Top Model, founded company chain Nos, with the goal of providing a better client service, the three Marche-based companies of the footwear segment (funds), join forces. They do so by creating a minichain capable of conquering new markets, but also strengthen and speed up production, reducing environmental impacts and develop innovative processes. “We are open to having additional businesses join us”, states Elisabetta Pieragostini of Dami.

The funds’ minichain

Nos is based on the “conviction that social and production factors are becoming increasingly inter-connected and must be faced together, going beyond individualistic behaviors and past misalignments”, reads a press release. Dami, Del Papa and Top Model are convinced that a relational market would increase the attractiveness of the manufacturing activity in the area, giving value to its historical industrial soul. The three companies have different but complementary know-how when it comes to the manufacturing specialization for footwears’ bottoms.

Dami, Del Papa and Top Model

Top Model (Rapagnano, Fermo) develops innovative solutions for the prototyping and production of models with 3D printers. The company is represented by founders Gianluca Tiberi and Andrea Vittori. Dami (Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Fermo) manufactures bottoms and soles for shoes with customized designs, exclusive materials and rigorously made in Italy. The latter estimates a revenue of 18 million euro for 2022, up 25% on the previous year. Within Nos, Dami is represnted by Elisabetta Pieragostini, president of the Accessories’ segment of Confindustria Fermo. Last but not least, Del Papa (Morrovalle, Macerata) makes bottoms for shoes made with vegetable-tanned leather and soles made in recycled EVA. Founded in 1985 by Celestino and Pietro Petrelli, it’s represented today by Massimo and Gianluca Petrelli and employs about 40 people.

Open doors

“We aim to offer a better service to our customers, as they demand a higher capacity to develop their projects – explains to us Elisabetta Pieragostini -. Nos is our first collaboration with companies part of the Fermo-Macerata footwear district. And we are ready to enlarge it by being open to new entries”.

In photo from the left: Gianluca Petrelli (Del Papa), Elisabetta Pieragostini (Dami), Massimo Petrelli (Del Papa) and Gianluca Tiberi (Top Model)

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