Aston Martin presents the Bond DB5: real leather, pretend weapons

Aston Martin presents the Bond DB5: real leather, pretend weapons

Hidden machineguns, oil slicks and leather interiors. Aston Martin will make a limited-edition Bond DB5 series, replicating the one driven by the most famous secret agent in the world. As reported by the New York Times, the vehicle will be exactly the same as the original, though the accessories will not be functional. On the other hand, the leather cover of the seats will be completely real.

Bond DB5

The NYT explains that Aston martin will make 25 special edition units of the DB5, calling it “Goldfinger Continuation”. The model is exactly the same as that used by James Bond, impersonated by Sean Connery, in the movie Mission Goldfinger (1964). The car will have oil slick, smoke generators, bulletproof shielding, ejection seat and hidden machineguns. All for display, as none of them will actually work. The dashboard will have buttons to “activate” these functions, nonetheless.

Luxury and Aston Martin

Beside from the weaponry, the rest of the car will be the same as in the original Bond DB5: as it is an Aston Martin, luxury is guaranteed. The interiors will be covered in leather colored and stitched with the same tone of gray as the exterior. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself forget it; sadly all 25 units have been sold.


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