Automotive Lear’s quarterly revenues speed up thanks to synergy between interiors and innovation systems

The message is clear, even more than figures (which are very positive): business around interiors (not just for cars, but also for all means of transport) is bound to expand considerably as long as it is ready to develop “constant points of convergence and synergies” with innovation. Such is the message coming from Lear’s quarterly financial statements: in fact, the automotive giant’s turnover reached, from January to March, 5,7 billion dollars, therefore increasing by 15% on annual basis. Several factors have been driving such accomplishments: for example, the buyout of Antolin Group. In addition to that, the excellent performance of two divisions that closely liaise with each other at this point: the Seating Solutions one (+12%) and the E-Systems one (+24%). What comes out then? Lear (which also include in their portfolio of companies Eagle Ottawa, a leather giant) are currently developing “seating adaptive systems”, which can be broadly and variously assembled, to enable “a feasible implementation of multiple seating options, creating perfect solutions for advanced mobility”.


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