Domenicali’s agreement: Lamborghini and Ducati aim at restarting

L'intesa dei Domenicali: Lamborghini e Ducati per la ripartenza

They aren’t related, but they do have the same name and are, in some sort of way, colleagues. We are experiencing their agreement: Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Lamborghini and Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati, agree that Italy’s industry must recover. Contingencies to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus must of course be implemented. But plants cannot remain closed for too long and companies are ready to do their part.

Domenicali’s agreement

“The world can’t simply stop for an unlimited period of time, and so it is necessary to plan the quick, safe and gradual re-starting of activities. All must be done according got safety precautions”. Stefano Domenicali stated his opinion to Corriere dello Sport. The brand, before CRV’s impact, had had a positive growth period. Now he feels action, individual and collective plans must be rewritten. “We will have to adopt different approaches to socialize that are respectful of people and government norms – he says -. So that we may avoid what is happening in Hong Kong and Singapore, where once the contagion was controlled, the countries didn’t think of controlling the influx and thus causing the number of infections to grow”. While Covid-19 caught many health systems off-guard, this situation cannot repeat itself. “The world was unable to face the situation as one unit, that’s the real obstacle for next time. In many countries the emergency has been underestimated or managed with delays – admits Lamborghini’s CEO, who has now converted part of operations to manufacture masks and visors -. The virus capacity to travel and multiply is faster than that of the economy. It’s clear that until a vaccine hasn’t been discovered, we will need to get used to new restrictions and be patient.

Ducati’s offer

Ducati, which has 1,400 people working in Bologna, had started checking body temperatures at entrances in February. The company already has a plan to re-open the site safely: all we need is for the lockdown to end. The company is also ready to run illness testing on its employees at its own expense. “Testing workers coming into the plants once we re-open is one of the ideas we developed in the lat few weeks – says the CEO to Il Corriere di Bologna -, but we are waiting for the National Health System to provide us with their protocol as well. The text would be useful to classify the population and plan the progressive re-opening of the sites”. The goal isn’t to find who is immune to the CRV, but to see “the asymptomatic cases – he continues -:so that they may not enter the site and conduct the quarantine at home. To allow those that are immune to it back into the plants would mean allowing between 5% and 10% of the population to get back to work. If the numbers are that low we cant re-open any site”. How much would it cost to test all employees? “That’s not the point – concludes the CEO -. Some markets are blocked while others such as China and Japan have started up again, and not being able to serve them will cause great damage”.

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