Ferrari, over 10,000 cars sold in 2019. It is still exclusive though…

Nel 2019 Ferrari supera le 10.000 vetture, ma rimane esclusiva

Quite a noteworthy accomplishment: in 2019, Ferrari sold over 10,000 cars. More specifically, cars delivered to customers increased by 9.5% compared to 9,251 units sold in 2018. Such boost drove consequently a nearly symmetric increase in revenues, which amounted to 3.7 billion euros. This performance, assured the company’s top managers, is not going to affect the prestige of the brand.

Ferrari sold over 10,000 cars

Sergio Marchionne first set 10,000 cars sold as a goal. Then Louis Camilleri, Ferrari current chief executive officer, took it over from his predecessor, as a challenge. As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, Ferrari is going to preserve and safeguard the brand exclusiveness by taking appropriate action with regard to licences: they cut down 50% of them. Ferrari is planning to focus its activities on a smaller range of products, to make them more coveted.


In 2019, net profits dropped by 11% (that is, 699 million euros). Not to worry, remarks Ferrari, which rather upgrades its guidance: in 2018, estimated revenues amounted to 3.8 billion euros; in 2020, considering the recent performance achieved by the brand, outlooks go up to 4.1 billion euros. “2019 proved to be a transitional year – pointed out Camilleri while speaking to Il Sole –, while 2020 is going to be a strengthening one: we are enjoying a positive kick-off as portfolio of orders is as good as ever”.

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