UNIC’s message to the world: Italian leather doesn’t stop

A concrete declaration of “energy, courage and cognizance”. A hashtag to be spread and shared as a declaration of resistance and awareness around the world: #italianleatherneverstops. Signed by Gianni Russo, president of UNIC – Italian Tanneries. The faces of all the representatives of the association’s Presidency and General Council (in the photo). Italian leather doesn’t stop.

Strength, courage and awareness

“Our country – reads the statement released by UNIC – has been suddenly and severely affected by the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus, a far-reaching emergency of an extent never faced before – or at least, not in living memory. The Italian Government has implemented stringent measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus which we hope will achieve positive results in as short a time as possible. Without doubt, we are experiencing a complex situation, but the Italian tanneries, which as UNIC – Concerie Italiane we are honoured to represent, are continuing their work with renewed energy, courage and cognizance”.

All necessary actions

“The tanneries – continues the UNIC press release -, have lost no time in putting in place all the measures necessary to protect the health and safety of their employees and collaborators, and which ensure the continuity of production as well as technical and design assistance for all their customers. Italian tanning companies, with their sound and responsible entrepreneurial vision and significant and growing financial commitment, are always at the cutting edge in seeking sustainable solutions and are able to guarantee the quality of the entire supply chain. Even in times of difficulty like the present, they give proof of their competence and reliability”.

Thank you note

The UNIC statement ends expressing “our sincere thanks to all those who have always been at their side: to the workers, men and women, to the representatives, to the collaborators, to those who manufacture equipment and produce chemical products, to the lab technicians, designers, customers, to the institutions, and to all those who have the interests of this extraordinary Made in Italy sector at heart”.

At the bottom, the hashtag to be shared worldwide: #italianleatherneverstops.



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