Prevent achieve partial victory: they win to Audi, but lose to VW

Per Prevent una vittoria a metà: ha ragione con Audi, non con VW

While examining the legal dispute between Prevent and the German car giant, the Court of Düsseldorf has ratified a partial victory in favour of Prevent. In fact, the Court has acknowledged the rights claimed by the supply group against Audi brand: according to judges, Audi was not entitled to bring their supply contract to unilateral dissolution. Conversely, Volkswagen could do it legally: in 2018, the German group (which is in control over Audi as well) decided to stop provision supplied by Prevent. The Court deemed such decision legitimate.

The dispute has been going on for years

As we just said, the legal controversy between Prevent and Volkswagen began in 2018. Yet, for the records, when the German group decided to stop commercial relations with their partner (it is a German company itself, though its manufacturing origin is based in the Balkans and Eastern Europe), a controversy was already underway. As reported by media and newspapers, apparently they had not been on good terms with each other since 2016. At that time, Prevent supposedly delayed deliveries, therefore causing problems for the VW group’s brands production.

Prevent achieve partial victory

For the time being, the story is not over yet. Primarily, as reported by Der Spiegel, because the Court of Düsseldorf ruled that a new trial will decide upon compensation. Secondly, most of all, because both parties, involved in the lawsuit, announced they are going to ask for further reviews. They might possibly file an appeal. We shall talk about it again. That is for sure.

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