Reebok’s First Pitch starts with the Beekeeper Classic Leather

Reebok’s First Pitch starts with the Beekeeper Classic Leather

Reebok’s First Pitch starts with leather. The known US-based sport clothing company launched its new platform to develop personalized footwear. An innovative project that takes its 1st steps from the classic sneaker: the Beekeeper Classic Leather.

Reebok’s First Pitch

Officially announced at the start of August, , First Pitch is now ready to go online. Reebok developed the platform with the goal of reducing waste to the minimum by allowing the marketplace to choose if a product can work or not, before launching it. An innovative idea with a lot of potential. But how does First Pitch work? Everything starts with Reebok’s designers. They develop a new model or ‘revisit’ an old one, such as the Beekeeper Classic Leather, and these designs are then shown to the public on the platform. Depending on the sneaker, the virtual window will remain open from 72 hours to 30 days. During this period, clients will be able to purchase the ones they like. But the footwear in question will only be produced if at least 500 orders are received, otherwise the model will not go into line.

How much is it?

Innovation also affected price. Each footwear will have a price of 1 USD and will increase by 1 USD for each time it’s ordered, until it reaches the maximum price set by the brand. Yet, there must be at least 500 orders per model. In simpler terms, the 1st person to order the model could pay it 1 USD, the 2nd one 2 USD and so on, until the last ones placing the order will pay retail price. Once the order is completed, it will arrive at home in 9 weeks.

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