Balenciaga to open at Cerreto Guidi in 2021 and hire 300 employees

Balenciaga to open at Cerreto Guidi in 2021 and hire 300 employees

A new factory which is going to extend across 10,000 square metres. In addition, an in-house training centre. On top of that, they are planning to hire 300 employees. Balenciaga is about to open its first manufacturing hub in Italy, namely at Cerreto Guidi, 40 kilometres far from Florence. The fashion house, which belongs to Kering group, announced it while emphasizing that “the new plant aims to foster and support the brand’s development plans, which look ahead to a responsible and sustainable approach”. They will build the manufacturing laboratory after carrying out the restoration of a formerly existing building (an old leather goods factory). Inauguration is due by the end of 2021.

300 employees

While announcing the opening of a new hub, Balenciaga also made public they are planning to create 300 new jobs at most. They will mainly recruit workers within the area boundaries and will most closely focus their search on currently unemployed people. Employees will be attending the in-house training and educational centre: that will be the first factory “sector” to start running in 2021.

The supply chain

“The new atelier will enable the brand to enhance the agility and the flexibility of its supply chain – remarked some representatives of the fashion house –: as a result, products by Balenciaga will further enjoy a boost in terms of overall quality”. The fashion brand, which is already running a product development site, located in Scandicci, will keep relying on the collaboration provided by local contractors. In other words, the opening of their very first factory based in Italy (pointed out the company) is not going to stop the valuable partnership with a network of Tuscan third-party manufacturers.

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