Stahl to picture the next car in the years to come: leather is going to be light, sustainable, handy and connected

In the years to come leather will be sustainable, in the manufacturing processes, lighter, to enable cars to lower their emissions, connected and provided with new solutions to ensure its color and cleanliness endurance. Such are the distinguishing features, according to Stahl, of prospective leather for the next car interiors. We are not just talking about abstract ideas. In fact, some leather transformation processes, currently underway, are already heading for this direction. Furthermore, the chemical multinational corporation first gave a practical presentation on that while participating, alongside a network of companies, in the Snap project, supported and advertised by Rinspeed. During the latest FuoriSalone, for a fully detailed description please read La Conceria, issue n.15, they presented, before the Italian public, their 2018 prototype: driverless, connected, electrical, ready to fit the new consumption patterns coming from share economy. At the moment, such car still does not exist, but it’s going to come true very soon. “Thanks to this project we picture the car of the future – clears up Stefan Buri, Global Marketing Automotive Director at Stahl -, while aiming to urge the car industry to plan prospective change”.


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