US car business keeps up as one vehicle out of two takes leather seats. Credit for success belongs to luxury and more

Let’s say thanks to the luxury vehicles growing business, whose turnover moved from 10% up to 13%. Most of all, let’s say thanks to the great performance achieved by crossover models: in fact, the interiors of 53% of them are upholstered with leather. Actually, in the United States leather has been remarkably affecting the automotive sector, moving from 29%, in 2001, up to 48%, in 2017. “At present, around 50% of cars currently sold in the United States take leather seats”, pointed out John Sousanis, from Wards Auto (a consulting and analysis company headquartered in Boston), while speaking at the Lectra Automotive Leather Conference, held in Bordeaux. As reported by Leatherbiz, specialists are also confident about prospective business expansion in the market: in fact, leather, which may undergo new processes and face new style trends, is bound to have very good chances.


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