Automotive, German Bader make investments in Bulgaria to open a new plant and hire 800 workers in Ruse

The news has been reported by the portal, while quoting a public announcement made by Bulgaria’s Minister of Economy: Bader Leather, a German tanning group, have signed a deal to build up a new manufacturing plant, specialized in leather car interiors, which is due to open soon in Ruse, a Bulgarian city placed in the Northeast area of the country. They are about to build and open the factory rather shortly. In fact, they expect the new manufacturing plant to start working in one year or so: while running at full speed, they will employ 700 (at least) to 800 workers (at most). Bader’s project comes after the company’s decision, announced at the beginning of September, to build up one more plant, the second one, in China, based in Nantong. The German tanning group, which has been headquartered in Göppingen, in the region of Baden-Württemberg, since 1872, is currently running 13 factories, located all over the world. Their working staff is composed of around 11,300 employees.


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