ISA TanTec buy out Auburn Leather: in the tanning industry one takeover leads to another

Auburn Leather changes its ownership. The US tannery, renowned for its leather laces manufacturing, will be bought out, in 2018, by ISA TanTec international tanning group (last November they acquired Italian Scamosceria del Brenta).They will bring the project to completion by the end of the year. Due to such takeover, they will move the manufacturing plants from Auburn, Kentucky, to Vicksburg, Mississippi, where the labs of the new owners are located. Likewise, the top management’s offices will be relocated as well, including the one of President Lisa Howlett (in the picture), who will carry on with her work “to ensure top quality and corporate identity”. In addition to that, Howlett will keep promoting the Auburn brand all over the world. The announcement of the financial takeover follows, 24 hours later, another tanning business buyout, which took place in Italy: Arcadia Small Cap II, a private equity fund run by Arcadia SGR, acquired Chiorino Technology.


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