Chemical price increases again: Stahl raises prices by 15%

Chemical price increases again: Stahl raises prices by 15%

The pressure shows no sign of stopping. Quite the contrary, as it is increasing. We are talking about tanning chemicals and their prices. This time, after months of generalised price increases, Dutch multinational Stahl is adjusting its prices.

Pressure increases

Stahl has announced a 15% increase in the price of all its wet-end and finishing products. The decision is valid worldwide and with “immediate effect”. The reasons? There are two main reasons: the increase in chemical raw materials and the increase in transport and logistics services. For Stahl, the increases were necessary, as ILM points out, so as not to affect the quality of its products, service and green approach.

The alarm continues

For tanneries, as UNIC – Italian Tanneries has repeatedly stressed, the increase in raw material prices (from raw hides to chemical products) represents a “sword of Damocles”. The fear, in fact, is that, in the face of an economic moment oriented towards the recovery of what was lost during 2020, this generalised upward trend could inhibit “the pace and intensity” of the restart.

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