From 60 to 100%: Zschimmer & Schwarz takes all of Samia

From 60 to 100%: Zschimmer & Schwarz takes all of Samia

From 60 to 100%: Zschimmer & Schwarz takes all of Samia. In December 2019, the German group, a global supplier of chemical auxiliaries, had taken over the majority of Samia, a chemical company in Arzignano (Vicenza). After three and a half years, the group decided to invest again to complete the takeover and buy the remaining 40% of the company’s shares. From 27 June 2023, Samia is thus a 100% subsidiary of the Lahnstein family company.

The first investment

Samia was founded in 1976. Around Christmas 2019, its control passed into the hands of the Germans of Zschimmer & Schwarz. The shareholders of the Italian company reinvested in the company’s share capital by confirming Luigi Ciarlo as CEO (a position he has held since 2007).

Zschimmer & Schwarz takes over all of Samia

After three and a half years, Zschimmer & Schwarz has announced that it has invested again to complete the climb, and secure 100% of Samia. Ciarlo explains in a note that, thanks to the collaboration with Zschimmer & Schwarz, “long-term planning” is possible. Not only that, but it also gains “customer proximity” and the possibility of tapping into a larger client portfolio.

The importance of Samia

Christoph Riemer, CEO of the Zschimmer & Schwarz Group, sees the possibility of expanding markets in this transaction. “Above all, Samia’s competence in terms of research and development is an important element. We also see great potential for synergy in the area of sustainable solutions”.

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