Stahl helps Kanpur go green with its Center of Excellence

Stahl aiuta la svolta green di Kanpur con il Center of Excellence

Stahl is supporting Kanpur in going greener. The Dutch multinational active in the chemicals’ industry opened its Center of Excellence this past February 7th. The Center is dedicated to technologies that can support India’s tanneries in their quest to become greener. The site is located in the Uttar Pradesh district, and is part of a partnership project, between private companies and the government, with a 5-year duration scope. Together with Stahl, Solidaridad and PUM Netherlands Senior Expert are also supporting the project. The goal is to reduce pollution, increase water efficiency and improve the working conditions inside the district’s spaces.

Stahl supports Kanpur’s environmental shift

The first time Stahl spoke about the Center of excellence project was in 2018. Michael Costello, Director of Sustainability at Stahl, explained how the 900,000 euro cash investment in various structures has the objective of accompanying Kanpur’s district throughout its journey to become more sustainable both socially and environmentally. The center became operational today. The Ganges river is at the top of the list hen it comes to natural reserves to protect, as it is very close to where the Kanpur tanning district is located. The river still supplies water to about 40% of India’s population. “Sustainability is the key for the future of the leather segment, as well as for thousands of people working in it – stated Gert van der Bijl, who is managing Solidariedad’s international project Livestock & Leather -. The opening of this center truly is a steppingstone for the partnership between Solidariedad and Stahl. It provides the opportunity to see new technology and train the tanneries’ personnel, so that it may apply more sustainable practices to the production process. We work together to keep the Ganges river cleaner”.

The comment

“Our experts will work side by side with tanners in this cutting-edge center, along with other local partners, to share knowledge and show them the latest, regarding sustainability, technological and guided solutions, and how to reduce water pollution inside the nearby tanning clusters – added Mr. Costello -. The Center is located in Kanpur in order to be able to provide the correct enactment of the objectives set by the private-public partnership, as well as guaranteeing that the initiatives continue to be in place even after the project has expired”.

Image from Stahl’s ribbon-cutting ceremony

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