A New Point of View, digital bridge for Asian buyers proves effective

A New Point of View, digital bridge for Asian buyers proves effective

If visitors cannot attend the fair, the fair will (virtually) go and see visitors. In other words, we can say that the digital bridge for Asian buyers, a service provided by A New Point of View and directed at international customers, has worked effectively.

In fact, due to the current pandemic, the trade show, arranged by Lineapelle (held at Fieramilano Rho on September 22-23), could not obviously welcome international buyers: Chinese and Japanese visitors, first and foremost, but also Americans, both from North and South America.

That is why the fair organization set up for them Lineapelle Live Streaming Promotion and Chinese Live Streaming Activities. That is, a digital service to experience the fair, remotely though.

A digital bridge for Asian buyers

Organizers describe it as a sort of “caddie service”. In the same way as golf players have a personal assistant, likewise buyers (working from their own office) could rely on a tutor (based in Milan) to view samples and get in touch with exhibitors. Which way? By using social network tools (for example, among others, WeChat), making videocalls and sending messages. A virtual place not only to get in touch, but also suitable for business: in fact, to the best of our knowledge, several buyers did enjoy the service and submitted orders.

The approval

A lot of users, mostly from China and its neighbouring countries, took advantage of such service. China’s Chamber of Commerce for footwear Imports and Exports, alongside the Guangzhou Footwear Association and, among others, the Taiwan one, logged on and joined A New Point of View.

Along with some associations, a few private accessory groups, such as Belle and Kang Nai, also joined the fair. Likewise, from Japan some architecture studios, universities and footwear manufacturers, including Rebook Footwear Team, logged on and joined the event. Some visitors from the United States and Brazil got in touch with the exhibition a well. A successful format which might well be repeated.

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