A New Point of View: over 300 online registrations 2 months ahead of kick-off

A New Point of View: over 300 online registrations 2 months ahead of kick-off

Lineapelle, which promotes and arranges the event, considers it “not only a sign of vitality and participation, but also a real message of recovery and pragmatism”. We are talking about A New Point Of View

They are currently setting up the organization of the “smart” exhibition event, on the agenda at Fieramilano Rho on 22-23 September 2020.

So far, two months ahead of the kick-off, it has already reached over 300 registrations.

It evidences “a market that has confidence in itself and relies on top-notch quality”, while considering, at the same time, this exhibiting solution as a constructive advertising and promoting tool. In other words, “a pragmatic action to tackle the present social and economic instability affecting the fashion and luxury industry worldwide”.

Over 300 registrations so far

“Choosing to be in Milan – commented Lineapelle in a press release – turns out to be, therefore, a valuable way to share knowingly a desire for recovery and restart: together.

So far, two months ahead of the kick-off, over 300 exhibitors have already submitted their registration form. They are from Europe and, in particular, they are Italian tanners, as evidence that leather excellence is proactive and fundamental. And it is ready to face the market challenge”.


Services and proposals

It is well worth saying, although it is rather “obvious” at this point, that Lineapelle – A New Point of View will take place “in full compliance with all protocols anti Covid-19”.

On top of that, “buyers will be able to enjoy their own participation in the fair with no concern whatsoever about security.

In fact, Lineapelle is going to provide an admission customised service at the Fieramilano Rho exhibition spaces”.

So, just make sure you will come over to Milan. Lineapelle will handle, on demand, the entire logistic management: “how” to arrive there, “how” to get back.

Synergies and virtual experience

Lineapelle – A New Point of View “will take place in synergy with Micam, Mipel, The One and Homi Fashion & Jewels”. The events will run simultaneously (time synergy) and will take place in the same areas, at Fieramilano Rho pavilions (space synergy).

“In particular, once again the fair event is going to renew its partnership with Micam, which will present, in the MICAM X area, an array of selected materials, curated by Lineapelle, for summer 2021”.

As regards virtual happenings, “Lineapelle Virtual Networking, a full summer digital events show schedule, will go on until August 7th. Corporate presentation webinars, debates and talks focusing on current topical issues and style trend presentations are on the agenda.

Not to mention The 365 Showroom, a digital platform, which is going to be running online shortly, twenty-four hours, around the clock, and all year long”.

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