Visitors and style at Lineapelle94: “We look for inspiration first, then for the product”. Laminates and pastel tints

At Lineapelle94 visitors are not really searching for a specific product, something original never seen before. They rather look for inspiration, while walking around over the three days of the exhibition. “We may find everything here, either laminated or woven leather. All we need to make a fine product is here. Now we have to find the right insight”, point out two representatives of a Tuscan leather goods company. Both in the Trend Area and in the tanneries stands raw material is properly displayed and spotlighted, so much so that visitors who come in and walk past are attracted and pay attention to the goods. “Someone ventures new suggestions; research is expensive though – they carry on -. By and large there are not so many astonishing innovative items, and we often go back to classic style, namely pastels for spring-summer”. A fashion designer of an Italian footwear brand partly agrees with them, while highlighting that “clients come here from all over the world”. “New suggestions always draw the attention, you can’t help watching them. I have seen something quality, I’ll take samples home, as I did in the past, even though we eventually aimed at classic style”, adds the fashion designer. In fact, “you can sell classic products anytime and anywhere; in contrast, you can sell the more innovative ones as long as the market is ready to welcome them”.


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