Gearing up for Simac Tanning Tech: focus on innovation and sustainability

Innovazione e sostenibilità, tutto pronto per Simac Tanning Tech

Innovation and sustainability. These are going to be the two pillars of Simac Tanning Tech, on its 2020 edition, the international fair for footwear, leather goods and tanning technology. The exhibition event, on its new edition, will take place at Fieramilano Rho from Wednesday 19 February to Friday 21 February, simultaneously with Lineapelle. For the records, on the first day the fair will run simultaneously with Mipel and Micam closing day.

Innovation and sustainability

Simac Tanning Tech 2020 edition turns out to be kind of a “technological square” that looks at Industry 4.0 and new organizational methodologies, in the manufacturing industry as well. “ASSOMAC associate members have been focusing their efforts and commitment, for a long while, on the issue of sustainability, as they realize this is the right direction they must head for”, pointed out President Gabriella Marchioni Bocca. “On top of that, it comes as no surprise they have implemented the Green Plate”. In other words, they have been setting a voluntary journey “whose aim is to inform final customers about efficiency standards to reduce and soften the effects of manufacturing technologies on the environment. Machines are indeed an essential tool through which the leather tanning industry can show and prove its own sustainability”.

The importance of running close to each other

According to ASSOMAC, thanks to such innovative endeavour the leather industry will successfully manage to tackle some of the most topical issues they are facing at present, which is a peculiar moment. “Simac, Lineapelle, Micam and Mipel are going to run close to each other: that will be of much support to get the big picture – wrapped up Marchioni Bocca –. I can see some reasons why we should think positive, but we have to make an effort to catch them of course. And we have to do it now”.

A few data

The exhibition area, located at Rho, is going to host the Simac Tanning Tech fair, at pavilions 14 and 18. The fair will extend across an overall area of 18,252 square metres: here 324 companies, from 25 countries, will exhibit their products. Thanks to valuable cooperation with ITA/ICE Agency, 20 groups of representatives of the most promising worldwide markets will participate in the exhibition event.


While focusing on innovation and sustainability (most of all), ASSOMAC addressed the Treedom platform to launch a project, whose aim is a “long-distance adoption” of a number of trees in Madagascar. “We are talking about a pragmatic, engaging and transparent activity to convey and make public the association’s commitment to sustainability – they pointed out at ASSOMAC –. This journey is fully consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations: in particular, it lines up with goal number 15”. Thanks to this project, carried out by ASSOMAC and financially supported, they are planning to plant up to five hundred trees.


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