Leather takes centre stage between technology and creativity, says Dyloan

Leather takes centre stage between technology and creativity, says Dyloan

In a synergy interaction between technology and creativity, leather takes centre stage. Looks like “a comforting theory” in such terms. Instead, it is a real changing prospect that may possibly open thousands of cutting-edge and innovative scenarios. A New Point of View, the special exhibition format devised and set up by Lineapelle at Fieramilano Rho on 22-23 September 2020, gave evidence of that. For the records, such proof was “tested” into a specific space, which hosted the D-House project (picture left) created by Dyloan Studio. Its founder, Loreto Di Rienzo (picture right), tells us something about it.

Between technology and creativity

What is D-House about?

It is a project, joined by Lineapelle, which aims at sending a clear and loud message of new vitality to the whole of the industry. We successfully sent it during the trade show, we are going to do it outside as well.

What kind of message?

Such is the message: while currently experiencing complex though fundamental days, we must give it a go for new solutions, new strategies, new products and new attitudes to tackle the market, which had been changing, however, even ahead of the pandemic outbreak.

In practical terms?

D-House smartly sums up our experiences over the last 20 years. It is a technology house that hosts 6 tech companies, actively running: we act as a joining link to connect them to creativity provided by brands, fashion designers and new creatives. Therefore, we can say that D-House (which also hosted a Consorzio Cuoio di Toscana desk, editor’s note) is a meeting point for technologies, creativity and expertise.

Leather takes centre stage

What is the role of leather in such context?

In such scenario leather plays a role of paramount importance.

In what terms?

Because it can work as a pillar for buyers’ new demand and needs. In fact, besides the opportunity to create a large and versatile variety of articles, they ask for materials representing advanced and sustainable approaches. That is why leather plays a fundamental role.

How can we say that leather is “innovative”?

Every material can rely on a huge number of possible development options, depending on the direction of its applications. We cannot change leather that much actually. We can work on various finishing models at most. Yet, its innovative power lies in the way we can make use of it, and in so many different modes, which are endless. That is why leather, along with its several applications, leads us into a new world.

Can you take stock of your experience at A New Point of View?

It was extremely positive, indeed. It was not just a success, but, most of all, a particularly important moment for the project sharing and synergy. Our primary aim was to start a dialogue inside an actively running space, where players work by using their hands: fashion designers have come over here to present their own performance. On top of that, we successfully achieved our goal.

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