“A space for reflection on leather”: Masoni’s Menouno studium

“A space for reflection on leather”: Masoni’s Menouno studium

Tannery is culture, respect for the environment and social responsibility. These are the strengths that Masoni Industria Conciaria of Santa Croce sull’Arno reaffirms through initiatives, certifications and awards. The Tuscan company’s latest innovation is called “Menouno studium”: it is a space in the company’s basement dedicated to setting up exhibitions.

Menouno studium

The exhibition space will be opened on October 14, 15 and 16, 2022. That is, on the occasion of LVMH’s Journées Particulières, a group that Masoni is be part of since 2019. The area will be a true creative hub. “A container of ideas and creative projects. Starting with a reflection on the universe of leather,” owner Fabrizio Masoni tells La Nazione, “through exhibition paths and the involvement of artistic personalities. And not only that”.

Corporate well-being and sustainability

Speaking of company achievements, one of the most recent is the “Great Place to Work Certified Company” certification. Issuing the certificate is “Great Place to Work”, an international organisation that assesses corporate well-being conditions. The recognition was complemented by the Sustainability Award presented by UIP. “A reason for pride and gratitude,” the entrepreneur also told the local newspaper. “The values of our company are the preservation and enhancement of traditional craftsmanship, combined with research related to technological innovation, without neglecting the fundamental importance of environmental respect and social responsibility”.

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