Lineapelle colors London red: a good edition with great stimulus

Il bilancio di Lineapelle London

Things that can be said regarding this edition of Lineapelle London that took place on July 9th at the Ham Yard Hotel. First: the event is well liked and attracts a wide variety of sector operators. Second: offering new engagement solutions within the event makes it (even) more welcoming and friendly. Third: the English market is alive, works and sees Brexit as a shadow, “so far away, yet so close”. It poses a threat, but as of now remains outside discussions, negotiations, and short/long term plans.

We work, we are English

The main theme for the Winter 20/21 trends that were presented at Lineapelle London has a title that perfectly fits the British marketplace. EQ: Emotional Quotient. Buyers, stylists, and trend setters all came to the Ham Yard Hotel and showed they have that high Emotional Quotient in relation to the research for new innovative materials (quality and fashion-wise). While their EQ is low when it comes to stress from political and commercial reasons due to Brexit. It’s a song that has already been heard and could sound something like: “We work, we are English”. The former is confirmed by the 40 exhibitor’s spaces present: “Brexit? Nobody has mentioned it”. The attention was on the products, the collections and on style”.

Political Digression

A necessary political digression. As it happened, yets reday a the same time as LP London, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, which is currently the opposition, took an official stance over the Brexit matter. Writes La Stampa (Italian Newspaper), that the party in question asked for a new referendum, “while it makes efforts to push the Remain option, to stay a part of the EU, as it is a preferred option than that of the Conservatives asking for a No Deal”, which would result in negative outcomes for the economic and employment numbers of the area.

Exhibit’s summary

Whether it’s Brexit or Remain, Lineapelle London’s exhibitors return home with a good amount of satisfaction. As explained by Sicerp, Lombardy-based tannery: “It went very well: full of visitors, many of which were of good level. It should have lasted an additional day”.


The reference color for the next Winter season is a specific red. Lineapelle built on the color a peculiar chromatic engagement project, developing an ad-hoc lipstick that became a gadget. Visitors had the chance, at the fair, to get a make-over from make-up artists. The initiative carried the name Lineapelle is on Everyone’s Lips and was a success that, metaphorically, painted London red.

Next Edition

Lineapelle London will be back at the Ham Yard Hotel on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. Many trends for the Summer 2021 season will be showcased. Next week, on the other hand, on the 17th and 18th, Lineapelle crosses the Atlantic to open its stands at its New York Spin Off. The day before, in the usual spaces of the Metropolitan Pavillion, will take place the fourth edition of the World Leather Congress.



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