Aeffe: 5 million from Intesa SanPaolo to reach green goals

Aeffe: 5 million from Intesa SanPaolo to reach green goals

Aeffe group obtained a 5 million loan from Intesa SanPaolo. The credit line is ties to ESG goals, meaning the sustainability-focused objectives set by the company on environment, social and governance matters. The Italian holding that controls Pollini and Moschino aims at “promoting female roles within the social environment” and to introduce “a policy in favor of gender equality”.

Sustainable objectives

Intesa SanPaolo recently made strives in green loans for Gucci, Conceria Pasubio and Ferragamo as well. Now it chose to support Aeffe. Why? Because the group is “forward-thinking with regards to projects tied to sustainability matters – commented Cristina Balbo, regional director of Intesa SanPaolo for Emilia-Romagna and Marche -. Investing on these matters is a fundamental asset for development.

Even more so after the acceleration on sustainability caused by the pandemic”. Meanwhile, Aeffe, which has recently obtained the same type of credit from Unicredit, focuses on “more and more ambitious objectives, in support of a more sustainable business model that is inclusive and has a smaller footprint”. According to Marcello Tassinari, general director of the company, the agreement “shows the appreciation for our group in terms of actions tied to responsible and sustainable growth”.

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