Lineapelle New York cancels October: the appointment is in January 2022

Lineapelle New York cancels October: the appointment is in January 2022

No dice: after the postponement, the inevitable cancellation. Due to continuing “travel restrictions to the United States”, Lineapelle has been forced to cancel the next edition of its spin-off in the USA. It was supposed to take place in New York on October 12 and 13. Instead, it will be held again in January 2022.

January 2022

Lineapelle New York was originally scheduled to take place on September 1 and 2, 2021, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan, New York. Last July, however, due to “logistical and organisational difficulties related to the current pandemic situation in the USA”, it cancelled September and moved to mid-October. Now comes the news of the definitive stop. The organisational horizon has therefore shifted to January 2022.

The inevitable cancellation

“Unfortunately, Lineapelle says, the relaxation of the Covid-19 containment measures, which had been predicted by the end of August, has not happened”. In practice, travel to the USA “is still suspended for those who have been in a Schengen country, including Italy, in the previous 14 days”. But also in the “United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, China or Iran, by virtue of the Presidential Proclamation of January 25”. Not only. “Furthermore, the decision of the US authorities to suspend B1 visas with NIEs (National Interest Exception) for trade fair purposes remains in force”. This “does not allow most exhibitors to participate in the event”.

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