Lineapelle93 is (also) a matter of style: innovative leather, bold fantasy, gentle touch

“I am looking for fantasy, new items, unique leather: bovines for leather goods and lamb for apparel. I’ll stay two days at the fair. Lineapelle93 is a chance for research: it would be a pity to come by here just for classically styled materials”. Florent Paudeleux works at Polypheme, which is a fashion style counselling agency headquartered in Paris. When we come across him, he is observing hides in one of the three Trend Areas: here it’s the sneak preview of the new trends, sort of a clash between classical spurs and cutting-edge elements that are bound to astonish, including over 2,000 samples of the most innovative materials. “We are searching for sophisticated and innovative materials, with metal inserts and peculiar works”, point out two fashion female students from Sweden. “We are up to a project focused on leather goods, but we are also interested in footwear – they add -. For both of them we need colour, strong and independent raw materials, as nowadays it’s less fascinating, and harder, to stand out with a classic style”. “We are looking for something new, a brand new inspiration – say representatives of Mariano Shoes, the Portuguese brand -. We strive to work on two sides, with top quality leather classic shoes but also on a fashionable, exciting, astonishing side”. Conversely young fashion designer Jah Prapaporn, from Taiwan, needs smooth and natural hides for the accessory collection of her own brand, Prap. Footwear research office, headquartered in the Marche, shows their interest in natural fabrics, synthetic material, similar to leather, made of gentle touch, and natural striped jacquard, both for elegant shoes and sneakers.

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