Micam breaks even while celebrating Russians’ comeback: +22%. “Kind of unique business platform”

Micam 85th edition, ended yesterday, lines up with the past edition of last year. 44,227 visitors (60% of them were foreigners) showed up this year; in February 2017, they amounted to 44,610. Russians are back (+22%): now, in fact, most visitors come from Russia. Likewise, many visitors from Ukraine came by (+7%). Looking at the EU markets, Germany increases by 9% and France keeps up (+1%). Conversely, attendance of visitors coming from China and Hong Kong went down, mostly due to simultaneous Chinese New Year’s Eve. As well, visitors from the United Kingdom decreased, owing to Brexit early effects. Ultimately, Spanish market slightly slowed down, and the number of Italian visitors dropped as well. “Once again Micam proves to be kind of unique business platform, the right place to tackle new development opportunities”, remarked Annarita Pilotti, president of Assocalzaturifici (the association of shoe factories). She also emphasized “the critical situation of domestic market, which is considerably affecting Italian small and medium-sized enterprises”. Tommaso Cancellara, general manager of Assocalzaturifici (the association of shoe factories), said that “he is trying to move the February edition by one week to link it to the fashion week” and stressed the fact that “participation costs are the lowest ones compared to all western fashion fairs”.


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