VIDEO: traceability and animal welfare, the ICEC integrated tool

VIDEO: traceability and animal welfare, the ICEC integrated tool

The result of ‘painstaking’ work. Not to mention necessary and extremely topical. Under the spotlights of the Green Theatre of the last edition of Lineapelle, there was space for an in-depth examination of a very strategic theme, today, for the tanning industry. That of traceability and its integration with animal welfare issues. The speakers, as you can see and hear in this video (it takes only 30 minutes, no more), were Sabrina Frontini (director of ICEC – Istituto Certificazione Industria Conciaria) and animal welfare specialist Carlo Tremolada. Moderator: the editor-in-chief of our magazine, Roberto Procaccini.



The ICEC integrated tool

The innovative tool developed by ICEC is called the Animal Welfare Monitoring Tool. It allows, as Tremolada explained in detail, “to measure the animal welfare performance of companies that use bovine, ovine and caprine hides within their supply chain”.  The objectives? First: “To better manage animal welfare risks along the supply chain”. Second: “To help companies develop sound decision-making on the issue”. Third: “To define a responsible sourcing strategy”. Fourth: “To ensure the greatest possible transparency towards all stakeholders involved”.

The video of this talk (and more)

Those who were lucky enough to be at Lineapelle 99, were able to watch the live presentation of the ICEC integrated tool for traceability and animal welfare. The tool also had an English edition for the international audience. For everybody else, there is the possibility to catch up with the event, in deferred and full version not only by integrating it with this news, but also by accessing the UNIC YouTube channel. Here you can review all the Green Theatre seminars.

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