Too many restrictions in Hong Kong, APLF postpones to spring 2022

Too many restrictions in Hong Kong, APLF postpones to spring 2022

APLF, explain the organisers, prides itself on being a global event attended by audiences from over 90 countries. This is why it is moving the dates again, and postponing the next edition until spring 2022. The show, together with Fashion Access, will be held from March 30 to April 1. Why was a new revision of the calendar necessary? Restrictions on international travel were a factor. Above all, there is the compulsory seven-day isolation for foreign visitors to Hong Kong. This does not make it easy to plan the exhibition for November as previously planned. The change of schedule comes with the hope that, by spring, international mobility will be easier or, better still, at pre-Covid standards.

APLF moves to spring 2022

APLF has not been able to relocate dates effectively since the pandemic outbreak. The organisers moved the February 2020 date to June that year. However, social distancing measures and travel restrictions meant that the event had to be cancelled and postponed until 2021. After initially being scheduled for July, the fair was moved to November 17-19. Now, the dates have been changed. “We have taken this decision proactively to allow wider international participation in the Hong Kong show,” write the organisers. “Our success lies in our ability to bring together and connect exhibitors and visitors. This is a strategic solution to overcome the travel restrictions and quarantine, so that we can continue our activities”.

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