Micam’s date changes forces Obuv (and others) to delay

Micam’s date changes forces Obuv (and others) to delay

Obuv is delayed. The fair that should have taken place in Moscow at the same time as Micam’s new date (March 13th – 15th) was delayed by two weeks. The new dates are March 29th through April 1st, 2022, which was necessary also due to the moving of La Moda Italiana@Kiev, scheduled for March 28th and 29th. There are currently no official statements regarding the delay, and the same goes for La Moda Italiana@Almaty, programmed for March 9th through 11th.

Obuv is delayed

The delay in Micam Milano (and Mipel and TheOneMilano) from February 20th – 22nd to March 13th – 15th, caused a chain reaction. Obuv Mir Kohzi, which was scheduled to take place in Moscow from March 15th through the 18th, has now been moved to March 29th – April 1st.

Kiev and Almaty

Obuv new date though is now the same as La Moda Italiana@Kiev, which will be held on March 28th and 29th. Considering that many exhibitors wish to participate to both fairs, it’s likely that the Ukrainian fair will be delayed. What’s still unclear is what will happen to La Moda Italiana@Almaty, currently scheduled for March 9th through 11th. Yet, the circumstances surrounding this event are different in nature, as the potential move of date is caused by the current political and military crisis in Kazakhstan.

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