The Marche and the area marketing: Shoes Valley at Lineapelle

Shoes Valley a Lineapelle

After their official launching at Micam 88 (which took place in Milan, on September 15-18), Shoes Valley join Lineapelle. We are talking about a territorial marketing project, promoted by Salina Ferretti, chief executive officer of Calzaturificio Falc (Falc Shoe Factory), based in Civitanova Marche. The aim is “to enhance the Marche’s footwear industry, while setting complementary cooperation with culture, commerce and food and wine businesses”. Confindustria Macerata designed the project, carried out with the support of the Marketing Department spin-off, Politecnica University of the Marche, and the Marche’s Chamber of Commerce.

Why at Lineapelle?

“In our opinion, it is important to take part in Lineapelle to meet manufacturers and speak to them about our new project. They are the ones who could make investments in the Marche”, pointed out Carlo Cipriani, Confindustria Macerata executive. “At Micam we succeeded in making a connection with buyers. Lineapelle is another reference event in the industry, which addresses a different kind of visitors though. Finally yet importantly, we shall participate in the BIT event in Milan (Borsa Internazionale Turismo, International Travel Exhibition, editor’s note), aiming to reach tourists as well”, wrapped up Cipriani.

Footwear becomes testimonial

Footwear becomes testimonial for a territorial area and a bonding agent for all the other regional industries. They are also planning to place together, in one single area, the corporate outlets currently running in the shoe factories based in the cluster of Fermo and Macerata. The aim of promoters is to obtain a high number of subscriptions and support, both among companies and institutions. In other words, to reach a remarkable stakeholder volume and subsequently manage financial assets. Deadline: March 2020.


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