Onto the next: CHANEL puts its sight on Degermann tannery

CHANEL can’t stop making purchases. After the acquisition of Tuscan tannery Samanta, which took place this past July, the French luxury brand has allegedly closed another buyout. In this instance, Chanel has put its sight – according to local news sources – on the French tannery Degermann.

French story 

Degermann is a company founded in the XVI century by Gustave Degermann in the city of Barr. It is one of the few tanneries still active in the Alsace region of France. The tannery is specialized in tanning bovine hides, and exports 40% of its goods abroad. The details of the operation, which are still to be completely defined, aren’t available to the public as of now, but the deal should be concluded by the close players, by the end of the year.

A long series

The acquisition of the French tannery is just one of the latest purchases made by CHANEL in chronological order. In fact, the brand has launched a strategy focused on the leather goods business and the strengthening of its suppliers’ chain since 2018, with the objective of obtaining materials of the highest possible quality. With this in mind, the brand acquired, in August of 2018, the French tannery Haas and the Spanish tannery Colomer Leather. As previously mentioned, CHANEL placed its focus on Italy’s Samanta in July of 2019.

Image from Degermann’s Facebook account


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