Obuv continues on its path: Russia is slow on made in Italy goods

Conferme non positive da Obuv, a Mosca

The Obuv’ Mir Koži, the Italian footwear and leather goods’ fair that takes place at the Expocentr in Moscow from October 21st to the 24th didn’t bring much news: the Russian market remains in crisis. Beside from Tuesday, the event received a low number of visitors.

The program

The fair hosts 114 exhibitors (91 footwear companies and 23 manufacturers of leather goods) that showcased next summer’s collections. As recalled by the president of Assocalzaturifici, Siro Badon, “the goal is to continue being present in this market: thus, we decided to implement new strategies to make this occasion more attractive and constructive for buyers”.

 Response on the ground

Considering export data of Italian shoes during the first semester of 2019 (-17% in volume and -19.5% in value), the expectations at the start weren’t very positive. The concerns, sadly, proved rights. “The number of orders diminish with every edition. Purchases are done with a calculator and often they are of pairs that only enrich the shop’s window – explains Marino Fabiani, entrepreneur who knows the Russian market well -. Many compliments, few orders. This edition of Obuv is also impacted by the uncertainty regarding the labelling laws kicking in in March 2020, as they will render any product, that isn’t compliant, full of additional costs for both buyers and retailer”. Contributing to the decrease of sales of Italian shoes is the decrement in purchasing power of Russian families, as well as the fashion aspect: “Year ago, in Moscow, women at night were dressed well and wearing heels – he continues -. Now clothing isn’t as important: they were sneakers or Dr. Martens”.

Negative opinions

The testimony by Andrea Brotini (Pakerson) is on the same line of thought: “No new good news. The same expectations with lots of uncertainty and little interest in placing an order. Sadly, there is still no inversion in the trend, on the other hand, orders decrease year-by-year”. More positive is the comment by Loredano Corvaro, Responsible for the Russia region and CSI for Vittorio Virgili: “The second day of the fair was overall positive – he says -. The number of visitors was satisfactory: even with many uncertainties for the future, they made good on their presence”.

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