Pitti presents Mipel Lab, a phygital salon a co-lab with Lineapelle

Pitti presents Mipel Lab, a phygital salon a co-lab with Lineapelle

An example of trade fair and design synergy. On June 30, 2021, during its first day, Pitti Uomo presented, hosting an exhibition installation, Mipel Lab. In other words, the phygital salon or, better, “the platform” conceived by Assopellettieri/Mipel a co-lab “with Lineapelle”.

The phygital salon

Why is Mipel Lab phygital? Simple. On the one hand, it is a physical exhibition project: in practice, it is a new exhibition format. On the other hand, it is a digital tool that allows matchmaking between brands from all over the world and Italian leather goods manufacturers. The physical part, as we said, was built “four hands with Lineapelle”. Mipel Lab, in fact, will take place within Lineapelle, on September 22-24, 2021, in the spaces of Fieramilano Rho. Therefore, after Mipel, scheduled on September 19-21. This way, “between Lineapelle and Mipel Lab – writes Assopellettieri (association belonging to Confindustria Moda) – the production director of a brand will have the availability of a 360 degree service”. In other words: from materials to manufacturing, within reach of the stand. Mipel Lab will be held annually.

The supply chain tells its story

“With Mipel Lab, companies in the supply chain talk about themselves” explains the vice president of Assopellettieri, Andrea Calistri. According to Franco Gabbrielli, president of Assopellettieri, this project represents “the leather goods sourcing revolution”, and its format is destined to go around the world. The purpose? Involving brands that are not present in Italy today, providing a service that puts them in contact with the ideal manufacturer to meet their production needs.

Double revolution

“Mipel Lab is also a revolution of the mind – continues Gabbrielli -. It is so at least in two respects. First: this association behaves like an entrepreneur. Second: digitisation, network and synergy at any cost. As we have been repeating like a mantra for a few weeks, there are only two ways to get out of the crisis. Stop and wait for the clear sky to return. Or pull up the sails to try to get out as soon as possible”. So: “We chose the latter, and invested a lot to build a couple of ambitious and complex but very solid new projects. With our initiatives, and in particular with Mipel Lab, we aim to make a real contribution to the sector”. The target: “To further consolidate its leadership worldwide, by bringing new brands and new jobs to Italy”.

A far-sighted initiative

“Mipel Lab is a project by Assopellettieri, which Lineapelle immediately joined with deep awareness. It is a far-sighted initiative, which satisfies the needs of a market now shaped by the needs of brands”- said the Lineapelle’s CEO, Fulvia Bacchi -. Lineapelle has always proposed contents that go beyond the exhibition. It will do so again next September, with an edition that will welcome over 600 exhibitors from 20 countries. It is an encouraging sign for the entire leather supply chain, because it testifies to a newfound vitality, and the attractive force of the event”.


On June 30, at the presentation of Mipel Lab, ICE’s president Carlo Ferro, Raffaello Napoleone (CEO of Pitti Immagine) and Cirillo Marcolin, president of Confindustria Moda, were present too. The latter emphasised the need to team up, and invest in training and digitalisation. 10 companies participated in the Mipel Lab teaser installation within Pitti. They are, Assopellettieri concludes, “those who first believed in the project, and became its de facto founders”. In order: Bric’s, Dimar Group, Mabi International, P&C, Pelletteria Fiorentina Montecristo, Rica, Sagi, Sapaf, Tigamaro and Tripel Due.

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