Tomorrow Lineapelle Meet & Match: what happens, how it works

Tomorrow and the day after Lineapelle Meet & Match: what happens, how it works

Two days of Virtual Show. Four thematic digital rooms. Tomorrow and the day after that, March 23-24, 2021, Lineapelle renews its (reinforced) digital dimension and goes online with the Meet & Match event. In other words, as Lineapelle explains, it is the “new digital platform that connects our global community in real time”. How? By proposing “an intense schedule that combines business and fashion, insights into the supply chain and innovative suggestions”. Here, then, is what happens and how Meet & Match works.

What happens at Meet & Match

The objectives of Meet & Match, explains Lineapelle, are summarised as follows: “Spreading creativity. And build innovative opportunities for connection and sharing”. Its contents, on the other hand, are divided into four thematic areas.

The first: Trend Presentations, “creative visions to design and tell the upcoming future of style”.

The second: Brand Now. Lineapelle explains it this way: “Synergy as an evolutionary tool. Meet & Match presents some new collaborations between Lineapelle exhibitors. A new generation explorations to open new market frontiers”.

The third: Smart Matching, which brings together some experiences “from fashion to interior and industrial design. From architecture to automotive”. All this to “connect the smartest ideas together and discover the most trending product solutions for next season”.

The fourth: The Future Is Now. A series of dialogues to “open the doors of the future without ever compromising on quality. The top materials form Lineapelle exhibitors become the creative tool through which to implement innovative technologies to enhance the final product. Artificial intelligence meets artisanal intelligence. And create new worlds”.

How it works

Easy. Very easy, indeed. Participation in all Meet & Match events, without exception, is free and requires no registration. Just connect to this link and choose which events to follow.

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