Versace has learnt a lesson on digital during lockdown stage

Versace has learnt a lesson on digital during lockdown stage

However strong Coronavirus impact may prove, without a doubt “some activities, such as fashion for example, are bound to last for a long while”. Although fashion industry traditionally prefers a real and direct relationship, “since buyers want to see a dress and touch it toenjoy its manufacturing”, attitudes and dynamics are going to change shortly. During lockdown stage, Versace (in the picture) has learnt a lesson on digital experience. While talking to MFF, Donatella, designer of the homonymous brand, illustrated the way she figures processes will be changing in the fashion system: “Since innovation and technology have always been appealing to me – she said –, I progressively became interested in digital experience. My approach towards it was genuine and, at the same time, a scientific one”.

A lesson on digital experience

“Digital marketing and e-commerce have been gradually gaining ground in the fashion business, in terms of volumes and relevance – pointed out Versace –. In the last few weeks, considering the closure of selling stores all over the world, it turned out to be essential to run a smart platform, which enabled us to meet the company’s needs and demands”. As we said, part of the work had already been completed: “Thanks to technology, we literally opened the doors of our laboratories and workshops; we therefore showed our offices in the runway shows backstage – continued the fashion designer –. Yet, ironically enough, she also emphasizes that some activities are long lasting. Fashion is one of them”.

Outlook and consequences

Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus pandemic has been turning our lives, alongside our work habits, upside down. That is why the fashion system is supposed to focus on the prospective outcomes provided by digital revolution, especially as to supply and distribution. “Personally, I believe we still haveto explore most of the opportunities related to digital channels – remarked Versace –. More specifically, I am talking about artificial intelligence; furthermore, I wonder how we could apply 3D visual images to sales and I also think about virtual showrooms”. At this point, we cannot go back: “On the one hand, we shall have to get used to a different attitude of mind; on the other hand, we shall benefit from very important advantages”. What kind of? “I am not just speaking about calculable costs with regard to budget – she wrapped up –, but also about additional assets coming from remote working. Travelling or moving around will be less frequent than it used to: therefore, we shall enjoy the possibility to make more sustainable choices”.

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